Thursday, May 18, 2017


WE SURVIVED our 1st Wisconsin WINTER!! People say it wasn't that bad, but man oh man it was a hard transition for me to move mid winter!!! I am SOOOO thankful for the beautiful Spring weather now!!! We had a fun Easter in our new house! The Easter bunny knew where to find the Fackrell kids!

 Easter Dinner with our Wisconsin friends, the Swalves and Steffans.

 Visiting the Madison Zoo!
Bubbles at the zoo!
 We took our first hike in Wisconsin with All of the kids and some friends from church! Winnie was SOOOO good in the kelty was a good workout for me!
 This was the beginning of our hike...then we decided to listen to some teenagers saying that the next part of the hike was just fine for little kids. Lesson learned, don't trust teenagers! It was so hard and steep but such a good workout for our troop!
 I LOVE this little troop of ours! Mindy and Rachelle have become great friends!

 We went to a farm where a bunch of Spring Animals were born. The favorite with all of the kids were the kittens!!! Sunny was OBSESSED!
 Baby Chicks
 Baby Goats

 Winnie and I got to visit my fam in Utah and help with Steph's bridal shower! IT was very needed to be with my family!
 Angie & Lisa did cute decorations!
 Of course swig cookies...
 My Mom did the cutest favors...cake bites and flowers!
 I love all of these ladies in my family!!!
Winnie & Brady are becoming little pals!

We are so grateful that Spring is here now and that we aren't cold all of the time!!! Bring on the fun times outside now!

Sunday, April 2, 2017


 I STILL cannot believe we did this, but when we found out that Rosanna Pasanno from Nerdy Nummies was coming to Chicago the same weekend we would be there for Spring Break, the girls wanted to meet her SOO bad. SO, I drove 4 of the kids to Chicago 2 days early and when we got to the Wilton Store where she would be, I knew we were in it for the long haul! If I would have known that we would have to wait for 6 hours as I was parking the car, I would have come up with another cool plan, but I was prepared and brought TONS of snacks, toys and books for the kids. We were waiting outside seriously for 6 hours!!! It actually would have been kind of fun if it weren't for trying so hard to entertain Emery and Winnie. Fortunately, the girls had shown Emery some episodes of Nerdy Nummies  before we left Wisconsin, and he LOVED them! That helped with convincing him that this was going to be worth it!
 The kids went over every recipe of Ro's cookbook and talked about which one they wanted to bake the most! Ro is a kids youtube star and I actually like her videos. She comes up with cute recipes that the girls and I have baked a few times!

 By hour 4, I was seriously thinking I was mom of the year because NOBODY else in that crazy line had little kids! Patience and bringing tons of supplies was the only way I stayed sane!
 FINALLY, we got inside the Wilton store! The girls were freaking out when they saw Ro! Sunny even said, "I can't even breathe, I'm so excited!"
 Even Emery was excited! He was such a good sport about this whole thing!
 Ro was so great with my girls! She hugged them, talked to them about where they were from, signed their book and took lots of pics!

 These girls were in HEAVEN!

 Well, 6 hours was worth it after seeing how happy these girls were to meet someone they love! Once we were done with that CRAZY adventure, we drove to our hotel in Chicago, ordered room service and chilled! Holy Cow, what a crazy thing we had just done!
 Regan and Riley were actually in Chicago when we were, but they were with the church youth group doing baptisms at the Chicago Temple. They went home after that, then took the train into Chicago after church on Sunday. We were on our own for the day waiting for them to join us so we went sight seeing to Dylans Candy Bar.

 When Regan and Riley joined us, we got City Passes and did just about every tourist thing there is to do in Chicago for 2 days! We went to the Shed Aquarium Sky Deck, Science Museum, Art Institute, an awesome Park in the middle of Chicago, Ghiradeli Chocolate, Shake Shack, Jeni's Ice cream.
 The sky deck was pretty cool to see the whole entire city!
 Regan was SUPER scared of how high we were, but the kids loved it!

 Even Winnie loved it!
 Chicago reminded me of a mini New York City!
 Emery Loved this mirror maze and actually was able to get me out of it, otherwise I would have been lost!
The science museum was fun and interactive.

March 2017

 RILEY turned 13 years old! What??? I have a teenager? NO WAY!  Its a good thing he is such a great kid! I just can't believe that he has gotten so old! Last year, Riley's bday was on parent teacher conferences, this year, it was on solo and ensemble day! Sorry Ry guy! We had him open up his presents right before he went to the high school for solo and ensemble!
 Riley's violin solo was Csardas by Monti and he ROCKED it! He got the highest ranking-a 1!
 So proud of this kid! He has started to love playing the violin!
 This is Riley's duet with a classmate. They played Concerto for 2 violins by Bach! They also received the highest ranking, a 1!

 Our sweet friends, the Allenders from Ohio sent Riley these books since we are still heartbroken about losing Sweetie. SO awesome!
 Riley requested brownies instead of a ya go buddy! Riley has done such a great job adapting to the 7th grade in Wisconsin! I remember moving to a new house and school right before 7th grade and it was SO hard, but he did it in the middle of the school year! He is so smart, so active in weight lifting, swimming and soon to be track! Riley was just called to be the Deacons quorum president in our ward and is taking that responsibility serious. He is about to start on his Eagle project as well! He is a good brother and we just are so grateful he is in our fam!
 For the 3rd grade wax museum, Elle chose Helen Keller. She has just Loved learning about how amazing Helen Keller was as a deaf and blind person!
 Winnie is SO funny! She loves to copy everything I do! She found a shirt of mine on the ground and my glasses, and put them on herself! That's actually super smart!
 Winnie also has a fascination with the hermit crabs who are somehow still alive!
 Winnie and I LOVE visiting Emery at his kindergarten class!
 Riley got straight A's and was at the honor roll meeting! WAY to go Riley!!
 We NEED to find a lock for the drink fridge! This girl LOVES to get ALL of the drinks out of it! Shopping girl is in her future!
 Emery was SOOOOO excited to be the Star of the week! He LOVED being the line leader, the teachers helper, telling the kids about his family, showing off Winnie and playing his violin for the class! What an awesome kid he is! He is just seriously the CUTEST!

We explored the Waunakee Library and it was cute, but actually made me miss the Ohio Library by our house! 
Just FYI, Wisconsin's "SPRING" is not spring! I am super jealous of Utah's beautiful Spring weather and beautiful blossom trees but we are trying to make the most of still wearing our coats!